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Short Film

The Root of Passion


directed by An Nuo

Petra Mavridi


The story narrates a pioneer and star of the contemporary performing artist, An Nuo, seeking a reason why she always has passion and love to create work rather than be a normal woman. This question always confuses and even judges herself. A dream from the Goddess of wisdom, Athene which triggers to go to Europe finding a reason. An Nuo has crossed three doors of Visas, met five masters in different counties and periods which mainly and profoundly impacted her growth of her artistic life. And the last she integrates self and over-self, and finds the answer. 

Cast & Crew

Director: An Nuo
Writer: An Nuo

Cinematography: Johnny Pappas

Still Photographer: Marios Lagos

Sound: Loukas Gio

Actors: Alessandro Bressanello, Petra Mavridi, An Nuo

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