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directed by Tasos Iordanidis



STRATEGO, by Alexandros Moustas directed by Tassos Iordanidis at the Palace of the Duchess of Placentia


"From moment to moment a war breaks out, and time is short. Maybe now there is something left for love, love, life."

In a ruined village in Kosovo, a small army force is encamped, whose surrender is a matter of hours. In the meantime two people, a man and a woman, will meet, love, learn from each other, discover themselves and the world and then let go; in war, in death, in blood ties, in abuses , in shyness and in all those games that only the mind knows how to play. At the same time, a dark figure wanders. A man who casts his shadow over everyone's lives. A high official who plays a suspicious role.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Tasos Iordanidis

Writing: Alexandros Moustas

Production Director: Grigoris Kandarakis


Actors: Christos Christou, Petra Mavridis, Alexandros Moustas, Fotis Lazarou, Panos Bekas, Anastasia Daliani and Kostis Savvidakis.


Production: Municipality of Penteli Production Execution: TEATRO NUEVO PRODUCTIONS AMKE

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