La Compagne des Morts


directed by Georgios Louridas


Three stories take place in a modern and strange world. A painter tries to paint the portrait of his dead wife. A young woman searches for her lost sister. An optimistic girl realizes that she has no place in an unfriendly society. The protagonists share openly their experiences in Life, Death and Love. Personal defections, fears and troubles that stop them from being internally complete. On the contrary, a mad scientist undertakes the task to formulate a filter that will offer unlimited possibilities of control over the human mind. A dark community supports him "from beneath". In the meantime, a dead woman and a fox come from parallel dimensions to complete their missions.

Cast & Crew

Director: George Louridas

Writer: George Louridas

Executive producer: George Louridas

Music: Olivier Sandilands

Cinematography: Michel Dupré

Film Editing: George Louridas

Production Design: George Louridas

Μakeup artist: Angeliki Aneziri

Production supervisor: Chris Christakopoulos Mavrakis

Assistant director: Maximillien Cascarino

Script & continuity supervisor: Evi Koroni

Sound mixer: Rozanna Bayia

Boom operator: Meropi Karakitsiou

Sound: Pierre Lepetit

Visual effects: Pantelis Anastasiadis

Camera operator: Cyril Brigouleix

Still photographer: Areti Katsoula

Wardrobe: Gina Iliopoulou

Actors: Teodora de Pedro, Martina Demopoulou, Elyes Dorbo, Fanny Georgakaki, Tatiana Gomez Contreras, Anna Lemeshchenko, Fotis Louridas, Melianna Makari, Petra Mavridi, Elia Rader, Alexandra Saifi

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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