Short Film

White Christmas 1948


directed by Antonios Vallindras

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Greece, Christmas, 1948. Perlepes (20), a romantic risk-taker, soldier of the Democratic Army, decides to take his demoralized comrades on a secret mission. As they covertly journey through the imposing mountains of Northern Greece, a thick fog surrounds them. When they reach the steep cliff over the camp of the National Army, Perlepes reveals their mission: he yells at their enemies if they can sing the Christmas carols. They sing to them, moved by this rare moment of peace. When they finish, teary-eyed they wish them a Merry Christmas. The soldiers of the National Army want to return the favor. They sing back to them a rebetiko song by Vasilis Tsitsanis, which talks about the unfairness of life - a bitter truth that both sides can identify with. Emotionally overwhelmed, the comrades start their uphill journey back to camp. But the fog has thickened. The path has disappeared. One wrong turn leads them to a minefield that they themselves had set up for their enemies.

Cast & Crew

Director: Antonios Vallindras
Writer: Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis

Cinematography: Mihalis Gkatzogias

Music: George Papaoikonomou

Edit: Vasia Ntoulia

Costume: Evalyna Darzenta, Anna Zotou

Special effects: Elena Konstantinidou

Makeup artist: Vasiliki Yolande Kita Dulac

Actors: Theo Couloumbis, Nikos Gelia, Isavella Kasimati, Vasilis Koutsogiannis, Thanasis Kromlidis, Anastasis Laoulakos, Petra Mavridi, Zisis Papaioannou, Ioanna Pitaouli, Vasilis Safos, Dimitris Siganos, Nikos Tsolis, Nefeli Frantzeska Vlahouli

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