The Nutcracker


directed by Vasilis Kokkalis


Adapted from a dark fairy-tale by ETA Hoffmann, Alexandre Dumas' romance of childhood imagination inspired Tchaikovsky's world-famous ballet.


The nutcracker doll that mysterious Godfather Drosselmeyer gives to little Marie for Christmas is no ordinary toy. On Christmas Eve, at the clocks strike midnight, Marie watches as the Nutcracker and her entire cabinet of playthings come to life and boldly do battle against the malevolent Mouse King and his armies. But this is only the start: read on for a tale of enchantment and transformation, enter a world by turns fantastical and sinister, a kindom of dolls and spun-sugar palaces, and learn the true history of the brave little Nutcracker.

Cast & Crew

Director: Vasilis Kokkalis

Set-Costume design: Valia Psomiadi

Choreographer: Nikos Lymperatos

Lighting Designer: Antonis Panagiotopoulos

Assistant of Director: Petra Mavridi

Photography by: Panagiotis Moulinos

Narration: Petra Mavridi

Singing: Maria Routsi

Piano: Olena Fedko

Crust: Giorgos Mparakos

Lute: Giorgos Papageorgiou

With the Kids of KDAP MEA KOMAITHW and the kids of 1st Primary School of Paralias of Patras

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