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Tableau Vivant - 1821


directed by Froso Korrou


The cultural tourism program MORIAS '21, in collaboration with the attica department stores in Athens and Thessaloniki and the Mall Athens, Golden Hall and Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Centers, travels us through Tableaux Vivants that connect the performing arts with painting and its History Match!

Two hundred years later, as part of the MORIAS '21 program, six paintings of the Benaki Museum revive moments of the Revolution of 1821 in shop windows and commercial spaces in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Performers reproduce, deconstruct and interpret in Tableaux Vivants emblematic compositions of leading Greek and European painters that captured the ethos and passion, ideals and actions of the Fighters of 1821. A dialogue develops between the performers and the passers-by, in two different times. rhythms.

Familiar works, "monuments", with the literal meaning of the term, illustrate the historical memory and are now evidence of our national identity, as they have been indelibly, emotionally, and experientially inscribed in our collective subconscious.

The action is an idea and production of the company Discover Greek Culture. The choreography and casting has been undertaken by Frosso Korrou, the visual installation by Olga Brouma, the electrical installation by Panagiotis Plaskasovitis and the production management by Andreas Valmis.


Performers: Dionysis Lanis, Petra Mavridi, Dora Bilioni and Christos Fusekis.

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