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COPYRIGHT © 2021 by Petra Mavridi 


Short Film



directed by Peggy Zouti

Short film directed by Peggy Zouti | 12'
Greece | 2018


Nicolas, Maria and Vasilis find themselves trapped in the world of social media unable to keep up its blistering pace.The distortion of reality is inevitable as they are drifted away in the fallacy of the digital world. However, the last 24 hours are deemed determining for all three of them as they are challenged to face reality.

Cast & Crew

Director: Peggy Zouti

Writer: Natalia Stratou
Assistant of Director: Michalis Mathioudakis
Production: Perggy Zouti, Elisavet Aleksopoulou, Natalia Stratou
Production Execution: Elisavet Aleksopoulou
Director of Photography: Giannis Mpoukras

Sound: Thanos Karadimos
Make Up Artist: Katerina Michaloutsou
Art & Costume design: Evelina Darzenta, Dafni Koliva
Sound design: Michalis Kiriallidis

Editor: Elisavet Aleksopoulou
Mixer: Giorgos Vavanos​

Actors: Petros Ioannou, Antonis Stamopoulos, Gogo Papaioannou, Gerasimos Michelis, Vasiliki Kakoseou, Petra Mavridi

With the support of SAE Institute of Athens

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