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Hahnemann Vol. 1


directed by Anna Danezi


Hahnemann Vol. 1 | Petra Mavridi

«Hahnemann Vol.1»  

- Meet the characters

Based on Doctor Foster by Mike Bartlett

Devised by the Theatre Company Coeval I C.I.C


Doctor Nelly Valaoritou's life is about to be torn apart. She's a talented family doctor at the heart of her community, a loving wife and mother, a woman people can trust. But her world is fractured the moment she suspects her husband, Aris, of having an affair. Determined to discover the truth, Nelly unearths dark secrets that threaten everything she loves. As her life and the lives of her patients and family are thrown into chaos, only one thing is certain - Nelly will find herself behaving in ways she could never have imagined.

Cast & Crew

Director: Anna Danezi

Dramaturgic processing: Anna Danezi, Makis Katsoulas

Set Designer: Konstantina Visviropoulou

Sound Design and Composition: Anasa Company

Choreographer: Mairy-Fofi Anestou

Assistant of Director: Michalis Afalojian, Sofia Legatou, Pavlos Faloutsos

Photography by: Giorgos Giannibas

Actors: Melachrinos Veletzas, Pinelopi Flouri, Evangelia Astridou, Alexandros Kanavos, Vicky Maidanoglou, Petra Mavridi, Konstantinos Siderakis, Anna Danezi, Dimitra Papourtzi, Panos Iosifidis, Loukia Batsi

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