Dynamis - Askese on Empathy


directed by Georgia Sagri

DOCUMENTA 14 -Ύλη[matter]HYLE

Documenta 14 | Petra Mavridi

Documenta is a quinquennial exhibition of contemporary art that since 1955 has created a space for healing war torn regions through art. Begun in the German city of Kassel, in the wake of World War II, Documenta has in its roots an underlying sense that unification is possible through art and culture, a shamanistic potential that auspiciously hangs over each subsequent edition.

Dynamis (Askese–on Empathy)

Dynamis is the state of that which is not yet realized-potentiality, in contrast with energeia, energy. While strength is the natural quality of an individual seen in isolation, power springs up between people. For Hannah Arendt, dynamis is always; not an unchangeable, measurable, and reliable entity like a force but rather a power that creates the public realm. It is the coming together of the people to constitute and govern their lives and the means by which they can create new beginnings for their societies to live and become. Judith Butler calls this urgency for transformation performativity. It is a tool of struggle to free ourselves from the constraints of certainties, total convictions, and the violence of polarities, in order to actualize this creative power as an ever-shifting and negotiable belonging. Paul B. Preciano calls it the orgasmic force, the power that comes from within and the crucial moment of claimin of one's own body as a threshold for myriad relationalities. this potentiality is not necessarily and not forever.

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