Short Film

White Christmas 1948


directed by Antonios Vallindras

Petra Mavridi | The Clay and the Girl


Pavlos, a middle-aged sculptor, decides to make a statue in the memory of his loving dead daughter. While he finds the young model who will trigger his inspiration, things go unexpectedly wrong. His wife, Maria, watches his affection for the young woman constantly growing, and rings the bell of their destroyed marriage.

Cast & Crew

Director: George Louridas
Writer: George Louridas

Cinematography: Lizette Araceli Vargas

Co-Production: Aluxal Karachalios

Music: Christos Danakas

Edit: George Louridas, Victor Gil Ribes

AD: Maria Iosifidi

Still Photographer: Areti Katsoula

Lighting Technician: Kostas Karnetatzis

Production Assistant: Christos Kontodimas

Actors: Solonas Tsounis, Petra Mavridi, Christina Galanopoulou, Fiona Katoikou

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