Anima Captus - Troades


directed by Rafika Chawishe & Mihalis Argyrou


Troades - Anima Captus | Petra Mavridi

Long Durational Performance inside an installation (96 hours)

Forty naked human bodies packed in a sterilized space resembling a crematorium, a morgue, a place for storing meat∙ bodies exposed to risk. A room full of mou ths reproducing excerpts from political speeches and prophecies confirmed or disproved by History. Ten performers –souls trapped in an arid place, using every means possible, even silence, to bring forth wounds acquired from their personal or ancestral involuntary translocations, discussing the concepts of citizenship, nationality and “belonging”.

It is a fleeing picture of the universe of a multidimensional performance/installation, conceived by actress and director Rafika Chawishe and artist Mihalis Argyrou, titled The Trojans-Anima Captus. The 96-hour performance took place inside a labyrinthine structure in the New Benaki Museum.

Reference to Euripides’ drama Trojan Women is inevitable, since the unsurpassed work of ancient Greek Literature is about war and persecuted people.

In a lengthy performance focused on the notion of the “geographic scar”, the artists use their bodies to participate in a stasimon of Trojan women.

In this work the spectator is following a four day-long interactive route. The ten main performers, originating from Greece, Afganistan, Syria and Iran will be living inside the museum, in total silence, for four days. However, people can visit the installation only during the museum’s opening hours. With the support of NEON.

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